This Thirsty Heart


this thirsty heart

By Ian Robinson – Published 2010

The desert is the heart of Australia. Some people think of deserts with affection and awe, others with dread. Yet most Australians have never been to the desert. Waiting for them are majestic sunsets, and nights around the campfire under the sizzling clear stars, where the immensity touches the soul. The power of the desert is something humans have known for thousands of years but have lost in the concrete and busyness of modern urban life. This book is about rediscovering that beauty and wisdom. You will read of the life-changing experiences of people who have journeyed in the desert with Ian, and of the explorers who preceded him. The stories are honest and inspiring. The photographs are evocative.

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 What to bring

Preparing for your first Desert Journey? Here is a checklist of what you need to think about bringing along. Please note, individual trip leaders may have variations on this checklist, so it is worth asking your leader if you have any questions.

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