Further information – Edge to Centre July 5-15, 2016

Edge to Centre 2016

Spirit Journeys have been travelling into the unspoilt heart of Australia since 2002, helping many to gain a richer appreciation blue viagra pills online of the country and its spirit – of themselves and one another.

Spirit Journeys are kept deliberately small in number, so travellers can come to know and encourage one another in community, with an emphasis on safety and minimal impact on the environment.

Spirit Journeys offer full participation, and the opportunity to help and share in all aspects of life on the track.

A Spirit Journey is as much about depth as distance. It’s about stillness, having enough, seeing ourselves in the mirrors of the journey, and more…

We camp in swags (provided if you don’t have one) –  you may bring a small tent if you wish.


Edge to Centre 2016 leaves Perth on July 5, arriving in Alice Springs, July 14.


Total cost $1500 per person.  Includes food, fuel, camping equipment, permits, local guides where appropriate, provision of vehicles and safety equipment.  Travel to and from the start and finish points is NOT included and is the responsibility of participants.

What do you need to bring?

Space for personal gear is limited – everything must fit in one small overnight bag.
Bring clothing that can be used in layers – nights can be below freezing but daytimes can be warm.  You will need one full change of clothes for the journey and clean clothes to travel home in.  Bring clothes, camera/writing/drawing gear, personal toiletries, Sleeping bag rated to at least -5C, plus a small 1-2 person tent to put your swag in if you prefer to feel more contained.

To register your interest or for further information:

Please contact Rick Read – 0416 228 326 or Ken Maley – 0439 902 554


(If you would like to bring your suitable vehicle and have 4WD experience, we’d love to hear from you.  Reduced cost option available if you are willing to take additional passengers).

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