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We have been taking groups into the deserts of Australia since 2002. Hundreds have gained a new sense of Australia, a larger sense of themselves, aand the Presence of the Great Spirit who has lived long in land. The desert works its way into the soul.

In recent years, Ian Robinson has led several Christian Pilgrimage groups to Israel-Palestine plus Jordan or Istanbul. A safe exposure to amazing history, rich traditions, walk-on-it sites and decades of conflicts will feed your heart and mind so that you are never the same again.

We are volunteers with high expertise and a great safety record.

It’s about stillness, having enough, seeing yourself in the mirrors of the journey. And more.

Spirit Journeys Australia take people out into the desert for a week – a dozen or so people of all sorts of  background, age, religion. You don’t need your own four wheel drive.

National Network
From several states, a network of those who know what the desert can do, has acted together as Spirit Journeys Australia, to make this opportunity open to as many as possible.

Whether you’re ready to lend a hand or have photos or stories to share, feel free to get in touch and find out how you can support this project.

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